Products made from Teflon® (PTFE) have many unique qualities that make it one of the most usable and technologically advanced materials. Teflon® is used in thousands of different applications, from hi-tech circuit boards to gaskets in the Alaskan pipelines.

PTFE retains its properties after exposure to temperatures beyond the limits of almost all other thermoplastics and elastomers.



Because PTFE has one of the lowest friction coefficients of any solid material on earth, bonding this material needs an equally hi-tech method. Here at G & S Associates, We use the most advanced process available, an Ammonia Sodium etch.

Teflon® materials are made of long chain carbon molecules bonded to fluorine atoms. Our solution strips fluorine atoms from the carbon chain of the outer layer of the Teflon®. This raises the surface, giving the surface a texture that can be bonded to.